MySQL for Commercial


MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Whether you are a fast growing web property, technology ISV or large enterprise, MySQL can cost-effectively help you deliver high performance, scalable database applications.

Commercial customers have the flexibility of choosing from multiple editions to meet specific business and technical requirements:


MySQL Enterprise Edition


MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. It reduces the risk, cost, and complexity in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.


MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition


User loads and data volumes are exploding - driven by increasing Internet penetration rates, social networking, high-speed mobile broadband connecting ever-smarter devices, new Machine to Machine (M2M) interactions, and more.

MySQL Cluster enables users to meet the database challenges of next generation web, cloud, and communications services with uncompromising scalability, uptime and agility.

Link to MySQL Cluster Evaluation Guide - Designing, Evaluating and Benchmarking MySQL Cluster

The purpose of this guide is to enable you to efficiently evaluate the MySQL Cluster database and determine if it is the right choice for your application, whether as part of a new project or an upgrade to an existing service.

This guide presents a brief overview of the MySQL Cluster database before then discussing:

  1. Considerations before initiating an evaluation
  2. Evaluation best practices
  3. Configuration options and sanity checking
  4. Troubleshooting

By following the recommendations in this Guide, you will be able to quickly and effectively evaluate MySQL Cluster and ultimately accelerate the time to market of your new service.


MySQL Standard Edition


MySQL Standard Edition enables you to deliver high-performance and scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. It provides the ease of use that has made MySQL famous along with industrial strength performance and reliability.

MySQL Standard Edition includes InnoDB, making it a fully integrated transaction-safe, ACID compliant database. In addition, MySQL Replication allows you to deliver high performance and scalable applications.

  1. Lower TCO - MySQL enables you to minimize your database TCO.
  2. Reliability, Performance & Ease of Use - MySQL is proven as the world's most popular open source database.
  3. Database Development, Design and Administration - MySQL Workbench provides an integrated development, design and administration environment to make developers and DBAs more productive.
  4. When you need additional capabilities it is easy to upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Edition or MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.