Top 5 Reasons to Embed MySQL into Your Products

Throw a stone and there would not be any database personnel that do not know MySQL. Though MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, MySQL is also an extremely popular embedded database as eight of the top ten largest software companies in the world rely on MySQL to power their applications, appliances and devices. MySQL Embedded database is the choice to improve the three most fundamental measures of business success - costs, revenue and risk.

So why should you adapt MySQL database into your product? Is it really more cost-effective and speed up your product cycle to make your product more reliable and effective?

Embedding MySQL into your product allows you to:

  • Lower the Total Cost of Your Solution
    By including low-cost, zero administration MySQL with your application, your customers are not burdened with buying, installing, configuring, administering, tuning, or maintaining the database, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of your solution.
  • Reduce Development, Documentation, Quality Assurance, and Support Costs
    With cross platform flexibility, MySQL supports over 20 platforms providing you with the freedom to develop, test, document and support the use of your product. This would substantially reduce your cost of goods throughout your product’s lifecycle.
  • Shorten Sales Cycles, Win Competitive Comparisons
    Proofs of Concept (PoCs) can be run in a fraction of the time with MySQL pre-integrated, tuned for your application, and installed automatically. Your application can perform optimally out of the box, providing a significant advantage in competitive situations.
  • High Performance, Reliability and Scalability
    A full-featured RDBMS helps to make products more competitive initially and over time as customers’ data needs inevitably increase. This will meet the requirements of the most demanding applications, such as Telco and Network management.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Your customers can get your product into production much faster, and enjoy better performance without the burden of administration, maintenance, support, or a high-cost DBA.
  • MySQL Database is a full-featured, zero-administration database that leading software, hardware, and SaaS vendors rely on to bring their products to market faster and make them more competitive.